No Choice In Education Lowers Quality
    By: Jeremy Mulvihill on October 19, 2018
    In every city in our country you do not have a choice in the public elementary school your kid goes to. You live in a city and in that city, you are forced to send your kid to the school assigned to you. You can’t choose the best rated school in that city you have no choice. Now some cities allow inter district transfer and you could request a transfer but the decision is out of your control. Who knows what the criteria is. But you have absolutely no cross-city transfer. Schools don’t have to compete for students based on quality. Thus, the staff get complacent and are not as efficient at educating because there is no consequence quality ultimately suffers. Then you add on top of that a tenured teacher that can’t be fired. You wonder why is quality suffering? People complain that schools are not producing the results required for an advanced society. They then complain we need to pay everyone more. The U.S. spends more money on education and has lower quality.

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Oct, 23 2018 10:28
People should be able to vote for the school of their choice with their feet.
Oct, 20 2018 11:05
More money does not solve the problems. We already spend more money than most and have lower quality. There are many things we could do now like provide a choice in which public school to attend, Increase pay for teachers that are proven to be better educators and make it easier to fire tenured teachers. These simple infrastructure changes would not cost money and encourage improved quality.


Oct, 20 2018 08:34
The problem is not in principle, it is in execution. If we spent 1/3 of what we currently spend on weapons and killing people on training our teachers and updating our educational materials and infrastructure, there would be NO bad schools. Every one of our schools would be better than the best school in the world. The problem is not in principle, it is in execution. The GOP's answer is to cut funding and privatize education so corporations can do the bare minimum as cheaply as possible to big a profit.