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     People Are Abusing Unemployment and Other Government Aid
    By: Kt on June 03, 2013

    Unemployment is granted to people for an extended amount of time. The application to renew your unemployment is often as simple as "are you looking for a job? check yes or no." I believe unemployment and Welfare was developed to benefit those people who have gotten laid off work in a poor economy and require some help to continue supporting themself and their family while looking for work. However, many people are abusing unemployment, welfare and foodstamps. And the longer people are out of work and reliant on welfare support, the harder it is to get back into the workforce. I see perfectly capable people abusing unemployment.  People always have the oppurtunity to find other jobs to make ends meet until they find their ideal job. Accepting unemployment for extended amounts of time just to delay a return to working is unfair to the hard working people who pay into that government aid. 

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Jun, 05 2013 01:48
I see it every day. I actually know of a "Chicano Law" office in Alhambra, owned and operated by a paralegal, who's primary job is to get people as much public assistance as possible. Unemployment, food stamps, section-8 housing, welfare, etc... Every time I argue with him about this, he always reverts to the "well the government is a bunch of crooks, and corporations get way with murder" fallacy. It should be a goal of every American to not only live in a country that they love, but to be surrounded by people that also love, respect, and defend the country they live in. It is obvious that people who cheat the system, people who encourage people to cheat the system, and the greedy "loophole" corporations all nourish the negative feelings for this country as a whole. My solutions for this are as follows: Recipients Can't Operate a Motor Vehicle, They need to attend Job Fair will require mandatory drug tests and receive random visits from officials and state employees.
Jun, 03 2013 10:21
It is also unfair to the person on unemployment because it allows them enough rope to hang them selves. In order to receive a check I think recipients of unemployment should have to show up to a facility where they teach and guide you in finding a job.