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     Homeless Youth in Pasadena
    By: Abstract on April 05, 2014

    I can not figure out why Pasadena lets homless people panhandlers on the street corners and on the Colorado strip in Old Town. I even saw a panhandler's station manned by a teady bear holding a moving sign I mean how lazy or genious can you get. I even saw a Pasadena City College student holding a sign that explained how she could not afford school books. It seems like the panhandelers are looking younger and cleaner. 

    It seems like there are 3 types of panhandlers in Pasadena. First, the traditional homeless person who probably has a mental, alchohol or drug problem. Second, the newly homeless person who just lost their job or fell on hard times. And third, the most annoying, the grunge group who always panhandles with their friends and fellow pets. This group seems to be from middle or upperclass parents and are rebelling. How should we solve this problem? 

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Apr, 05 2014 03:54
I would suggest that you start by not assuming you know the circumstances that have resulted in someone begging for change. I don't think anyone grows up aspiring to be a pan-handler. They may have made some "bad decisions" in their lives, but I would suggest that given enough opportunity to succeed, no one would make "bad decisions". People often choose what society may consider a "bad decision" when they do not believe they have any other choice or the opportunity to be successful. The problem of people being homeless is a problem created by society not providing sufficient and equal opportunity to all.