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     Socialist and Islamic States Have Worse Police Brutality Than US
    By: Abstract on September 30, 2017
    It really all boils down to whether you are pro socialist/communist (state power) or pro capitalist (personal liberty). People who kneel to the national anthem are saying they are pro socialist/communist. If it is really about police brutality they should choose some other way to protest. Sudan, China, Pakistan, Mexico, Burma, North Korea, Brazil, Afghanistan, Iran, Haiti, Kenya, Russia, etc... among the top countries with police brutality. 17 Countries With the Worst Police Brutality These NFL players have benefited from our structure so greatly yet they shun it. Try becoming as well to do playing sports in a socialist/communist state!

    List of socialist states 9 out of 17 countries have had some form of a socialist/communist state: Sudan, China, Burma, North Korea, Afghanistan, Russia, Somalia, Egypt, Iraq,

    Islam by country 8 out of 17 countries are islamic: Sudan, Pakistan, Burma, Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, Egypt, Iraq

    Interesting... Now starting to see the correlation between socialism/communism and Islam. They are allied against capitalism. Yet all these countries have higher police brutality. Where is the outcry about it? More proof that its not about police brutality. Its about political control.

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