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     Big Government Solutions Promote Behavior That Handicap Its Citizens.
    By: Abstract on October 09, 2017
    Seriously ask yourself why is it that all big government solutions stem from the concept of forgiving personal responsibility?

    Challenge yourself to think of one issue or idea that holds a person accountable to their behavior.

    The only way to actually help someone is to empower then. Hold them accountable and help them correct the behaviors that handicap them.

    Rather than throwing money at a problem we should come up with creative ways to honestly addressing and solve them. But solving real social problems ultimately hurts big government because with less dependants the less need.

    This Republican mayor has an incredibly simple idea to help the homeless. And it seems to be working.

    Throwing money at a problem does not solve it nor is it sustainable. It's a temporary fix. You have to actually address the cause of a problem and teach/allow people to solve their own problems otherwise the problem will continue to exist. Fueling a problem with money only allows it to persist. Money is a reward for providing something to someone. When you give money you are rewarding something. Why would someone or a situation get better if its rewarded for its problems?

    This is the biggest problem with government solutions. They are always wrapped around money and rarely address the real cause. Schools not getting the results give them more money. People living in poverty give them more money. People can not afford healthcare give them free healthcare. Etc... Nothing is solved while money is spent.

    Life in our country is not that hard. Take the thing you like doing and are good at then find people who need what you do. In exchange you will be rewarded. Stop worrying about what others have its non of our business. Start focusing on how your unique talents and joys can be of benefit to others. Take responsibility for your own life and you will always have enough to support it. Try to help those around you who need help. Don't let government take that responsibility away from you.

    I feel that most liberal causes have one thing in common, they all excuse personal responsibility. This is why I feel like they do not really care about people nor want to help them they just want their votes. Keep them needing so they can keep promising while giving just a little but never enough.

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