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     Promote Equal Suffering in the Name of Equality
    By: Abstract on October 10, 2017
    Our good hearted liberal friends do not have faith in our humanity and believe that our political system has been designed to oppress and exploit the poor even tho it has created more upward mobility than any other system in human history. Yet they would like to revert to the average governmental structure so common in the world that promotes equal suffering across the board because it pulls down the evil rich and props up the righteous poor. The strong will give up the weak will never get strong and all will suffer equally except for the ruling class. They are so easily manipulated by the false notion that helping people by relieving their challenges will some how magically make them better off. One dose not get strong unless they use their muscles. Yet our good hearted friends don't think is fair to make the week work out in order to get strong they simply want others to do it for them. Note: they want others not themselves to help those in need. How will the weak ever get strong if they are continually bailed out? I wish my good hearted liberal friends would wake up and realize they are being manipulated emotionally by the peddlers of dependence/slavery to ensure their seat in power.

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