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     Mass Shootings on the Rise
    By: Abstract on November 06, 2017
    Keep in mind that in the history of our world more than 20% of the people died a violent death. Today less than 1% die a violent death.

    The Visual History of Decreasing War and Violence

    I have no problem restricting the 2nd amendment right of those on psych medication including anti anxiety etc...

    But taking guns away and making them harder to get will only ensure good people don't have them. People who want them will find a way to get them.

    If the majority of people in the church were trained and armed it wouldn't be such a stretch to say that fewer people would have died. Police can not be all places all the time but there are people in most places most of the time. If it were well known that most people are armed it could be a deterrent and these mass shooters might think twice.

    Making everyone defenseless is also a crazy idea. An armed society is a polite society. We have a second amendment for a reason. It's built into our constitution. It's a tough problem a catch 22. Ultimately we can never live in a safe utopia. It's simply not possible. It never has been nor will it ever be.

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