Prescription Drug Prices Are Too High
    By: Jeremy Mulvihill on October 11, 2018
    Why Are U.S. Prescription Drug Prices So High? This is "New Directions in Health Care," the Commonwealth Fund’s podcast. In this edition we look at why prices for some prescription drugs are so high in the United States. One patient advocate who is working to bring prices down is 67-year-old David Mitchell of the nonprofit organization, Patients for Affordable Drugs. Since 2010 he’s been taking medication to manage a dangerous blood cancer called multiple myeloma. “The drugs I take right now, I will receive 22 times over the course of a year. Every time they give me these drugs, the retail price is $20,000, so it’s about $450,000 worth of drugs that are keeping me alive right now.” Mitchell is not alone. One out of four Americans says they have difficulty affording the medicines they take, and the Commonwealth Fund’s Shawn Bishop says we spend more on medication than any other country. Continue Reading

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