The THEY Are Trying to Separate Us
    By: Jeremy Mulvihill on June 15, 2020
    It seems to me we are all sitting around a table observing an object. There is no real way to see the whole picture. People on the opposite side of the table view a different perspective. To see the entire object, we should comprehend and understand all aspects. Only then will we find the truth. Diversity in thought is just as virtuous as diversity in ethnicity. It seems silly to shut out an opportunity to see the whole picture. I get bored listening to the people who already know the object as I do. There is no growth there. Live in the diverse ocean. Don't recoil into a safe fishbowl.

    There is a cup sitting on a table. From your perspective, there is no handle. From mine, there is. I tell you I see a handle, and you recoil in disagreement, saying I’m an idiot because you see no handle. You want to defriend me because I’m pointing out a feature you can’t see. This is not a position in support of anything, it's simply a truth. Our black friends (let's refuse to say African Americans because we are all Americans) see one aspect of the object and we need to acknowledge it. We need to acknowledge every truth. Anything less is being willfully ignorant. And that is something we should all 100% oppose.

    If one person sees it, it's there. I don't have to show you, you will never see it. You have to take my word for it. it's there, I see it, you don't, you will never see it because you can't. You will never sit exactly in my shoes. We are all different and have diverse visions of what is reality. Only when we all overlap each others views can we find the truth.

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