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     Random Visits by Officials and State Employees
    By: Joey on June 24, 2013

    Random visits to recipients homes by officials and state employees.  Miss 2 in a row, lose your assistance.  (story behind this:  The Emerald Isle section of Glendale, California is a high value residential area. Most people there are aware that a worryingly high % of those homes are occupied by "career scam artists."  Just on 1 block alone there were 5 homes who's occupants bragged that they all were getting welfare, foodstamps, etc..  yet 1 of them had a Ferrari, one had 2 Porche's, and they all had fantastic cars, luxury items in their homes, etc..  They were proud of the fact that there were people in this world "dumb enough to work" while they got to "enjoy God's rewards."  This needs to stop.  Look at the Boston Bombers!  They too were career public assistance leeches, and drove BMW's and very rarely worked or contributed to this country in a worthwhile manner.)
         Parents aren't teaching their children the values of hard work.  There is an enormous issue with the propagation of seditious weltanschauung in this country.  People abusing welfare and unemployment is no longer rare.  It's encouraged in many communities!  When this was a Christian-minded country where most people were taught certain values and morals, the shame and personal anguish of receiving public assistance was enough to discourage most people from abusing it.  If someone's situation necesitated public assistance, the recipient did what they could to remove themselves from that situation as soon as possible.  Nowadays, that's not the case.  Many would rather stay at home receiving "free $" than go to work at a "McJob."  Some would say, "Who can blame them?"  There is no 1 person to blame.  No scapegoat.  However, that doesn't distract from the most important fact:  It's harmful to the country as a whole, and to each person on an individual level.  By whatever means necessary, it needs to be discouraged.  Simply checking "yes or no" on a form obviously isn't enough.   There is no longer a common "inner voice" that tells people what's right and what's wrong.  It's a "me me me" society of lazy people who have no problem lying to get what they want.  And, unfortunately, what they want has little to do with hard work, personal sense of accomplishment, social responsibility, or civic duty. 

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