$1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan
    By: Jeremy Mulvihill on October 12, 2018
    Trump is announcing a huge $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan — here's what's in it. The White House on Monday unveiled President Donald Trump's long-awaited infrastructure plan that aims to rehabilitate the nation's roads, bridges, tunnels, and more. The plan includes $200 billion in federal funding over the next 10 years and aims to raise up to $1.5 trillion in total by incentivizing investment from state and local governments, as well as private firms. Here's a breakdown of how that would be spent: $100 billion for direct grants to local governments to help trigger investment. $50 billion to projects in rural areas in the form of block grants. $20 billion to large projects to "lift the American spirit." $30 billion for miscellaneous existing infrastructure programs. The proposal is a departure from typical spending on infrastructure, as the federal government usually covers a bulk of the cost. Trump's plan would see local governments taking on 80% or more of the funding burden.

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Oct, 21 2018 12:54
Our infrastructure is failing and needs a massive investment and upgrade to our road, bridges, tunnels, public transportation including high-speed rail, air traffic control, electrical grid, schools, Internet access, etc. I agree with infrastructure investment. I disagree about the amount of funding and the means to pay for it. I also believe that there needs to be proper oversight of all projects so that the public can hold politicians and the corporations doing the work accountable. All appropriations of the funding should be published to the public for audit. The funding should come from closing tax loopholes used by corporations and the wealthy, repealing the Trump tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations including the reduction of the estate tax, increasing the tax rate on income over $1million, and by ending wars and military actions overseas that are not approved by congress and demonstrably in the direct security interests of the American people, and reducing the military budget dramatically. http://larrysummers.com/2017/01/16/public-infrastructure-investment-in-the-national-interest/