The Solution Must Be Dramatic and Take Multiple Approaches
    By: Proglog on October 21, 2018
    Man-made climate change is an existential threat to all of humanity. Our approach must be dramatic and take multiple approaches. 1. End ALL subsidies to fossil fuel companies and in some taxes tax CO2 energy sources. 2. Make a massive push for a complete transition to Green, Renewable energy sources ASAP. 3. Make a massive investment and increase incentives for investment in battery technology. 4. Upgrade our electrical grid. 5. Provide tax incentives to individuals and corporations that invest in green renewable technologies for the energy needs including electric vehicles, solar panels, household batteries, better insulation, more efficient appliances, etc. 6. Provide low-interest financing for low-income Americans to make investments. 6. Invest in methane capture from livestock production. 5. Invest in Carbon sequestration technologies.

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