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     Recipients Must Show Up for Job Search Training While Receiving Unemployment
    By: Abstract on June 03, 2013

    There are a lot of people who need help in this economic tough time. Simply giving them money might not be enough. If someone feels helpless and insecure chances are they will not be motivated to get up and do the work necessary to find work. I think our government should set up facilities to help train and guide people receiving unemployment. This will ensure accountability for time and ensure people get off aid quickly. 

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Jul, 01 2013 04:30
the stipulation of receiving unemployment is that the person is ACTIVELY searching for a job. How many hours a week does that occupy? 1? 3? It sure as hell is NOT 40 hours a week. If there were mandatory job training, skills training, and/or general education courses, those hours spent there should be logged. Then, the recipient can account for their time, and think of the $ they receive from the government as being paid for showing up to class. I completely agree though, that allowing someone to get out of the habit of showing up for work will only harm the person.