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     Suspend Driver's License
    By: Joey on June 09, 2013

         If your situation is dire enought o require public assitance, then you should forfeit some priviledges.  For one, the priviledge of driving.  Of course you won't be punished for emergency situations, like taking a women in labor to an emergency room, but unnecesary trips to the drive thru at McDonalds should be all but eliminated.  Our public transportation systems already cost the people a pretty penny.  And they work.  If you have a job interview, you can get there on a bus or bike just as well as driving yourself.  Plus, the time on the bus can be used to make social and business connections, network yourself, and brush up on your interview skills, among many other positive, beneficial things.  Our streets need less cars, and our reliance on fossil fuels could always benefit from less cars on the road.  

         One of the reasons there is more public assitance abuse these days than in previous years is the steep rise in "entitlement" issues.  There needs to be more incentives to make a person of low moral character to want to find a job.  

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Apr, 25 2014 09:59
The availability of public transportation is very dependent on the region. This may make sense in some regions but not in others. Also for some job interviews I also worry that the impression of someone who took the bus would be at a disadvantage to someone who drove them-self. Again this is very regionally dependent.